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خطبات الجمعہ Friday Sermon

If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favour]

First Sermon

All praise is due to Allah for His generous giving. We praise Him as it ought to be and are grateful to Him for all the favours He bestowed upon us. We praise Allah as befitting to His Sublime Countenance and Supreme Status. I bear witness that there is no deity save Allah, having no associates. He is an ally to the righteous. I also bear witness that our Master Muhammad is the Servant of Allah and His Messenger. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his pure blessed family and companions, and all those who follow them in righteousness till the Day of Judgment.

As to what follows,

I urge you, O servants of Allah, and myself to be aware that you are asked to obey Him the Most Exalted, in line with His orders, "then fear Allah ; perhaps you will be grateful." (Al Imran: 123).

Dear Muslims,

The bounties that Allah, the Most Exalted and Sublime, has endowed upon mankind are innumerable. The Almighty says, "and if you should count the favours of Allah, you could not enumerate them." (An-Nahl: 18). The Most Exalted has bestowed upon us what is apparent of favours and what is concealed thereof. In return, we should appreciate those favours and show gratitude towards the Bestower. Allah the Almighty says, "then eat of what Allah has provided for you [which is] lawful and good. And be grateful for the favor of Allah, if it is [indeed] Him that you worship." (An-Nahl: 114).

You should remember that Allah, Blessed is His name, "has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful." (An-Nahl: 78). So, thanking Allah, the Most Exalted, is a duty incumbent on each of us and an order enjoined by Him. The Almighty says, "and be grateful to Me and do not deny Me." (Al-Baqara: 152).

O Servants of Allah,

In return of the great favours that Allah has conferred upon us, one should thank Him for such graciousness. This brings us to advise each other about the meaning of thankfulness and why it is important. Thanking means recognising the favour, appreciating it and showing gratitude towards the giver by celebrating the mention of his kindness. In this sense, a grateful servant of Allah is the one who strives in praising his Lord by performing acts of obedience and establishing the prescribed acts of worship.

Moreover, a grateful servant should always remember the bounties that his Lord provided to him so as to preserve them. Indeed, gratitude is not only a cause for the protection of the blessings in hand, but also for increasing them. Allah the Almighty will always increase His favours upon His thankful servants as long as they are showing gratitude towards Him. In fact our Lord is generous in His giving and He is the Most Appreciative. He multiplies His rewards to His obedient servants while a little thanking will be sufficient to satisfy Him. Encouraging His servants to be thankful to Him for His kindness, the Most Beneficent says, "if you loan Allah a goodly loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you. And Allah is Most Appreciative and Forbearing."  (At-Taghabun: 17).

So, Allah the Almighty appreciates the believers' acts of obedience even if these were very little and rewards them abundantly in return. On this account, the Messenger of Allah pbuh said, "While a man was on the way, he found a thorny branch of a tree there on the way and removed it. Allah thanked him for that deed and forgave him." In return, the grateful servants of Allah will cherish His Paradise as their perpetual abode without account. When the people of Paradise enters it and see all that Allah the Almighty has prepared for them, they would thank Him for His gracious bounties in return of their little good acts. About them, the Most Exalted says in His holy Book, "and they will say, 'Praise to Allah, who has removed from us [all] sorrow. Indeed, our Lord is Forgiving and Appreciative." (Fatir: 34).

Dear Muslims,

Undoubtedly, the Prophets pbut set examples for us to emulate in being grateful to their Creator, and Allah the Almighty has praised them in His holy Book. For instance, the Most Exalted says about Noah pbuh, "indeed, he was a grateful servant." (Al-Israa: 3). For another, the Almighty has described His Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) saying, "[He was] grateful for His favours." (An-Nahl: 121).

In like manner, Allah the Most Great speaks high of His Prophet Suleiman (Solomon) for being thankful to Him. About him, He says, "my Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favour which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve." (An-Naml: 19). Similarly, our Master Muhammad pbuh, the seal of prophets, strived in observing acts of obedience and worship. So, once somebody said to him, "Allah has forgiven you, your faults of the past and those to follow." On that, he pbuh said, "Shouldn't I be a thankful servant of Allah)?"

O Grateful People,

Having known the merits of being appreciative to Allah the Almighty, it is good time to advise each other on how one can show gratitude to his Lord. The ways in which one can thank Allah the Almighty are many. One way is by acknowledging the favours of the Most Giving, something that Prophet Suleiman did upon seeing the throne of Balqees placed before him. So, he said, "this is from the favour of my Lord to test me whether I will be grateful or ungrateful." (An-Naml: 40).

What is more, our Prophet Muhammad pbuh has taught us to turn to Allah the Almighty and invoke Him saying, "I acknowledge the favours that You have conferred upon me." That is to say: I am grateful to You for the favours You bestowed upon me.

Another way of showing thankfulness is to remember Allah's favours and contemplate on their gracious status. The Almighty says in this regard, "and We certainly sent Moses with Our signs, [saying], 'Bring out your people from darknesses into the light and remind them of the days of Allah.' Indeed in that are signs for everyone patient and grateful." (Ibrahim: 5). This means, remind them of the bounties that Allah has granted to them. Truly, remembering Allah's favours is a cause of success, for Allah the Most Sublime says, "so remember the favours of Allah that you might succeed." (Al-Aaraf: 69).

One other aspect of showing appreciation is to benefit from Allah's favours in performing acts of obedience. In His holy Book, Allah the Almighty mentioned the favours He conferred on Dawood (David) and Suleiman pbut then said, "work, O family of David, in gratitude. And few of My servants are grateful." (Sabaa: 13).

The believers are, therefore, required to thank Allah the Almighty for each of the bounties he provides to them. For example, to appreciate the blessing of knowledge, one should employ it in the best interest of people, while appreciating the blessing of wealth could be by spending from it in charity. Moreover, showing gratitude for the favour of strength and good health can be done by helping the weak, working hard, building and striving in giving. The favour of being employed, on the other hand, can be appreciated by fulfilling the job's responsibilities and performing its tasks. In like manner, all of the favours that Allah, the Most Giving, provided to mankind should be recognised and appreciated.

O Worshipers,

Amongst the other ways to show gratitude to Allah is to thank all those have done us a favour. The Prophet pbuh emphasised this when he said, "Whoever is not grateful to the people, he is not grateful to Allah." This means that Allah, the Most Merciful, will not accept the gratefulness of a believer for Him if the believer does not show gratefulness towards those who are kind to them, denying their favours. No wonder since Allah the Most Exalted is thankful and likes His servants to be the same, admitting the favours of others and thanking them for their kindness.

With this in mind, let us praise Allah for all of His unperishable favours. O Allah, all praise to You for all of Your innumerable bounties. O Allah, we seek Your grace to make us amongst those who are grateful servants.

May Allah guide us all to obey Him and obey His Messenger Muhammad pbuh and obey those He have commanded us to obey in line with His orders: "O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you." (An-Nisaa: 59).

May Allah direct us all to the blessings of the Glorious Quran and the Sunna of His Messenger pbuh.

I say this and ask Allah for forgiveness for me and you, so invoke Him for forgiveness, for He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

Second Sermon

All praise is due to Allah, a grateful praise as befitting to His Sublime Countenance and Supreme Staus. I bear witness that there is no deity save Allah, having no associates. I also bear witness that our Master Muhammad is the servant of Allah and His Messenger. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon ou­­r Master Muhammad, his pure family, companions, and all those who follow them in righteousness till the Day of Judgment.

I urge you, O Servants of Allah, and myself to be aware that you are asked to obey Him, the Most Exalted and Sublime, and to thank Him. Indeed, being appreciative to Him is beneficial to mankind. In return of being thankful to Allah, He increases the favours He bestows upon us. The Most Giving says, "as favour from us. Thus do We reward he who is grateful." (Al-Qamar: 35). The fruits of one's gratefulness will be reflected in one's record on the Day of Judgment. On that day, they will be generously rewarded by Allah the Almighty; attaining the best of rewards, being gardens in the presence of their Lord beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Therein, it will be said to them, "indeed, this is for you a reward, and your effort has been appreciated."  (Al-Insan: 22).

Undoubtedly, those who are thankful to people, recognise their standing and remember their favours will be recorded by Allah the Almighty from amongst the grateful.

Gratitude is really a noble value that are recognised by those of noble manners. In this sense, let us extend our thanks the UAE wise leadership that strives to ensure comfort and safety of its people and are keenly interested in touching their hearts with happiness. Thanks are also extended to every father and mother, each teacher and employee. All the gratitude is as well due to all those who perfect their work and to each one who contributed to achieving development and prosperity in our beloved homeland. Be thankful and you will be rewarded. The Most Exalted says, "but Allah will reward the grateful." (Al Imran: 144).

That is said, please bear in mind that you are instructed to invoke peace and blessings on the Prophet pbuh. Allah, the Most Sublime, says, "indeed, Allah confers blessing upon the Prophet, and His angels [ask Him to do so]. O you who have believed, ask [Allah to confer] blessing upon him and ask [Allah to grant him] peace." (Al-Ahzab: 56).

On the same matter, the Prophet pbuh said, "For everyone who invokes a blessing on me will receive ten blessings from Allah."

O Allah, please confer Your blessings and grant peace upon our Prophet Muhammad pbuh, his family and all of the companions.

May Allah be pleased with the Rightly Guided Caliphs: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali, and all of the noble Companions.

May Allah have mercy on the honourable martyrs of our country and those of the coalition and gather them with the righteous. May Allah make the dwelling of the martyrs, their families, parents and relatives with the ones upon whom Allah has bestowed favour of the prophets and the steadfast affirmers of truth. Indeed, You answer to the supplications. 

O Allah, please grant the best reward for the families of the martyrs and offer them patience and solace. May Allah grant victory to the soldiers of the Arab Coalition who gathered to restore the rights to their owners. O Lord, please be by their side and guide the Yemeni people to everything that is good. O Allah, make them rally for the word of truth and legitimacy, and bless them with welfare and stability, O the Most Generous.

O Lord, we beseech You to bless all of the Muslim countries and the whole world with stability and peace.

O Allah, we seek Your grace to increase the UAE in delight and beauty and give the best of rewards and recompense to whoever sowed the seeds of goodness and welfare in it. Indeed, You are the Most Merciful of the merciful.

May Allah grant success and continued health and care to the UAE President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. May Allah also ensure success to his Vice-President, trustworthy Crown Prince and his brothers, Their Highnesses the Rulers of the Emirates.

O Allah, please forgive all of the Muslims, men and women, living and dead. May Allah have mercy on Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Maktoum and the Late UAE Sheikhs. O Lord, forgive and show mercy on them and bless them with Your kindness and satisfaction. O Lord, forgive and show mercy on our parents, relatives and whoever has done a favour to us.

We pray to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, to continue blessing the UAE with stability and welfare and bless its provisions. O Allah, please continue blessing the UAE with safety and security.

O Allah, we seek Your favour to send us wealthy rain and make us not amongst those who are despondent. O Allah, relieve us! O Allah, relieve us! O Allah, relieve us! O Allah, give us from the blessings of the sky and grow for us from the blessings of the earth.

Remember Allah and He will remember you. Be grateful of His benevolence and He will increase His blessings to you.



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